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Complex multifaceted fear is a creative force behind destruction. Ancient philosophers recognized it as a power which does not permit a person to reach perfection in his spiritual development. An aspiration to conceive the mystery of creation, including how to free yourself from fear leads a person to energy healings, which originated from knowledge acquired through the acceptence of telepathic contact with the Universal Consciousness.

Imagine colossal feelings of extraordinary size and power that breathe love in the form of a yellow, soft, life substance that exist inside of you and everywhere you look. Inside this mass of living feelings you hear a " voice" that envelopes you with its warmth and light, giving peace and the desire to live forever..." God - is not a person. God is feelings that can see, hear and feel all on the outside as well as on the inside.

Galina Dymkova

The Deceived Soul - The Book

Deceived Soul, The: How to free your soul from fear

By Galina Dymkova

The book “The Deceived Soul” is a masterpiece of the 21st century, written by the philosopher, nontraditional healer, writer and teacher Galina Dymkova.  This book contains intrinsic life essential knowledge composed of unraveling the Secrets of Feelings that Galina obtained through her Conversations with God.
For the first time in history, mankind has finally begun to see how thoughts are built from feelings. This book provides real recipes that allow one to find the path to self-discovery from within. For those who seek to find themselves a new life - a life free of pain and full of inner freedom, wealth, health, peace and everlasting happiness - it is a true gift from God. The instructions on how energy-based fear can be dissolved and eradicated from the inner world of feelings forever have finally been unraveled! It is a complex journey that many will take and no one will regret. Through a real life story, Galina Dymkova shares her own intimate questions and answers in a captivating dialogue with the Higher Consciousness.

The foundation of using the knowledge about the secrets of feelings lays in the key principles of understanding the Law of Thought, the Law of the Psych and how a person’s thoughts and feelings manifest according to their inner world. In combination with the understanding of these laws, people can obtain real transformational healing exercises through this book; these healing instructions are now used by many people and are accessible worldwide.
This vital knowledge about the secrets of feelings forms a path of understanding in ones consciousness, this complex yet captivating journey of learning to find reason many will take – and no one will regret. People take long and twisted paths in their spiritual lives and try various types of “mystical” paths to try to open a door to the astral world for example to find answers. Complex life questions that are unexplained continue to puzzle many historians, scientists, philosophers, doctors, healers, esoteric experts and even those who search for God in the bible for remnants of Divine knowledge. It is not a secret that for many years, people all over the world have needed healing, the pleasant and simple exercises in the book will help a person mentally, emotionally and physically restore their soul and dissolve energy based fear. A guide of deeply touching transformational understanding brings the ultimate truth to light; this truth and understanding connects the soul with the core of its origin. The inner freedom and transformation of the DNA of feelings is simply breathtaking. "The Deceived Soul" is not only the story of one human being - it is the story of the entire civilization."

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